Dialler Management

Superb outbound contact effectiveness through our expert diallers and supporting analytics

Our dialler management services provide several key benefits:

  • ‣ Increased dial rates
  • ‣ Increased debt recovery rates
  • ‣ Increased agent efficiency
  • ‣ Reduced ‘no answer’ dispositions
  • ‣ Supervised monitoring of calls
  • ‣ Increased conversion rates

We currently use different dialler modes for outbound campaigns: Preview dialling, Progressive dialling and Predictive dialling. The largest mode and most effective available is the Predictive dialler which is used in large call centres and is very similar to the Progressive dialler mode.

Preview dialling

This is the simplest outbound dialler. The Preview dialler selects the customer details from a call list and assigns the call to an agent. The agent can then look at the customer record and decide outbound dial this customer or not.

The main constraint to using the preview dialling is that agents could potentially spend too long previewing customer details and when they place the call the customer isn’t available.

We reduce this effect through a combination of:

  • ‣ System structure that ensures all the information an agent needs prior to making the call is readily available and easy to read when the customer record is displayed
  • ‣ Agent training to allow agents to assess and digest the customer information as efficiently as possible so they can keep preview time to a minimum
  • ‣ Monitoring the amount of time agents are spending previewing calls to give quality assurance to help slower agents

Progressive dialling

This is like Preview dialling, except for a small difference: the decision when the customer is called is not made by the agent but by the system. Agents have a ‘preview time’ and as soon as this time has elapsed, the system dials the outbound call automatically. Once the call has finished the next outbound call is routed automatically to the agent. Effectiveness is increased in the agents by this automation.

  1. ‣ An outbound campaign call is routed to the agent’s screen
  1. ‣ Outbound call to the customer is automatically dialled after a set time
  1. ‣ Once the agent has finished the call, the next call is shown on the agent’s screen and dialled automatically after the set time
  1. ‣ The dialler decides which number on the campaign to dial and displays to the agent

Progressive dialling gives agents a short amount of time to review the customer's details whilst the phone is ringing, although they don’t get to choose to call the customer or not compared to the Preview dialling campaign. However, this may be what you want to do on the outbound campaign.

Predictive dialling

While Progressive dialler places outbound calls after the agent shows availability to take the call, the Predictive dialler initiates outbound calls based on a pre-set dialling campaign before the agent is free to take the call.

  • The benefit (which may sound strange) in predictive dialling is that the campaign mode dials more numbers than the agents would normally be able to handle, but a large percentage of outbound calls go unanswered or reach a voicemail, causing more effective dialler campaigns
  • The Predictive dialler feeds off the number of agents signed into the campaign to match off with the number of accepted calls to cancel out all unanswered calls. This leads to a large increase in successful outbound connectivity.

The limitation is not having enough agents available on the lines so silent calls will be made. We prevent this by having the suitable numbers of staff on the lines at once and a well-constructed campaign keeps the silent calls to a minimum and 100% within OFCOM regulation standards.

Dialler Management

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