COVID-19 Resourcing Solutions

We can swiftly deploy teams for your business to cope with additional enquiries driven by the pandemic

COVID-19 Resourcing Solutions

Our flexible-working Business Continuity Plan enables our teams to continue to operate with 100% efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can offer the same support using our contact centre solution.

We offer a flexible service where we can swiftly deploy teams for your business to cope with additional enquiries driven by the pandemic, or by any other issues affecting your staff-resourcing levels.

When the unexpected happens, such as COVID-19, our office and home-based agents can help you to continue to operate your service to the highest service levels and quality customer outcomes.

COVID-19's impact on contact centres

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on contact centres where, often, only critical reasons to contact can be served, and your valuable customers miss out on that all-important interaction which leads to further distress and dissatisfaction.

The emotional state of consumers adds to the challenge. The combination of fear, uncertainty and frustration presents brands with both new risks and opportunities. Providing compassionate customer service will likely generate an increase in positive brand perception and customer loyalty post-crisis. Conversely, inaccessible, ineffective or uncaring responses are likely to drive an equally pronounced negative reaction.

During times of crisis, contact centres are crucial. Customers prefer live interaction when they want answers to urgent and complex issues.

TieTa's COVID-19 Response Solution

To respond to the evolving situation of the COVID-19 crisis, TieTa addresses three critical components:

‣ Adopting new ways of working through an effective business continuity plan in action offering remote access to all agents.
‣ Rapid setup of IT and office infrastructure, management systems and processes required to support our hybrid workforce.
‣ Improved contact centre management, with use of workflow, data, and analytics. Predict changes in demand on your customer-contact, and adjust your processes and scale your team accordingly.

Our solution covers the choice of:

‣ Dedicated team

Our team is solely focused on your business and only serve your customers. The team can can scale up or down to meet operational demands. We listen to your business goals and we deliver an excellent customer service. A dedicated team is the right choice if your business has consistent volumes, or you require a regulated environment or have specialist processes requiring extensive knowledge-transfer.

‣ Shared-desk facility

Perfect for any business that have sporadic or lower volumes across the day. Our team will be trained on your processes, but they will also work across different client campaigns.

Our solutions are quick to deploy, low-cost, and can vary in length of their contractual terms. We will tailor a package to suit your business needs. Contact us today to find how we can help.

COVID-19 Resourcing Solutions

TieTa is founded on years of experience and excellence

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UK agents are typically more in tune and empathetic with your UK customers, giving them confidence their calls are handled diligently with customer satisfaction.

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Whether you require a bureau-based (shared pool) resources or a dedicated team to support your operation, we can taylor the right campaign size based on your current and future needs.

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The team has knowledge and experience in managing more than 300,000 customers with their loans, from loan application and ongoing loan maintenance through to repayment and collections, including vulnerability and quality monitoring.

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