Whether it’s collections, sales or queries, TieTa provide highly regulated services such as customer vulnerability, arrears management, and quality monitoring.
100% UK
Contact centre based in Banbury, Oxfordshire
Award winning
Winner of Best Contact Centre Team
Scale up or down according to demands
Expert knowledge
UK financial services regulated experience


TieTa have the experience and knowledge within the Utility industry and can partner with customer teams through our outsourced solutions across a number of areas including collections, complaint handling and customer support.

TieTa are able to help you handle peaks of activity or unforeseen circumstances and through our UK 24-hour call centre are able to ensure you don’t miss a customer. TieTa also have the ability to offer complete solutions within your service sector helping clients with long term cost saving for the business.  

Through our years of experience in Regulated sectors our teams are able to help develop positive relationships with your regulator, improving outcomes for your customers and decreasing regulatory issues.

Through TieTa Consultancy services our highly skilled team can assist you with pressure point analysis and implement solutions such as Quality Monitoring to increase output and customer metrics across all customer contact areas of your business.

We are always happy to discuss how our other solutions may fit with your business and can work with you to help manage any pressure points you are facing.