TieTa services clients in the technology sector and provides call-centre and operations resourcing to help clients scale their operation


TieTa have experience of working with a number of Tech companies and have assisted with product launches, insight surveys, marketing and sales to name but a few. Working with our clients Regional, UK, EMEA and APAC customers we are able to offer a 24/7service 365 days of the year.

Our teams work closely with our clients to fully understand their product, terminology, and customer journey.We can make sure that your customers feel secure and confident in who they are talking to and that your USP is maintained throughout.

Our Systems allow us to capture data that is specific to your campaign be it product usage, journey insight or customer demographics. Through close working relationships we can ensure knowledge is transferred to maximise the outcome of your business.

We are always happy to discuss how our other solutions may fit with your business and can work with you to help manage any pressure points you are facing.



TieTa is founded on years of experience and excellence

UK agents are typically more in tune and empathetic with your UK customers, giving them confidence their calls are handled diligently with customer satisfaction.

100% UK
Contact centre based in
Banbury, Oxfordshire

Our proven track record and performance has been recognised by industry leaders for excellence and best practices.

Award winning
Winner of
Best Contact Centre Team

Whether you require a bureau-based (shared pool) resources or a dedicated team to support your operation, we can taylor the right campaign size based on your current and future needs.

Scale up or down
according to demands

The team has knowledge and experience in managing more than 300,000 customers with their loans, from loan application and ongoing loan maintenance through to repayment and collections, including vulnerability and quality monitoring.

Expert knowledge
UK financial services
regulated experience