The TieTa team have experience in supporting retail clients with a number of tailored solutions.


The TieTa team have experience in supporting retail clients with a number of tailored solutions. Understanding your product and client is key to any solution we offer.

Our teams can assist with customer support and complaint handling as a seamless add on to your business in peak seasonal trends or as a continuous all year solution. TieTa also assist with Collections and Payments, our years of financial customer experience makes sure that your customers have a positive journey and get you the best results.

Here at TieTa we understand that sometimes our clients need help in Marketing their products and business. Through our trained Agents we can carry out outbound telemarketing and client surveys to either new or current customers allowing you to build your brand and product as well as gaining customer and product insights.

We are always happy to discuss how our other solutions may fit with your business and can work with you to help manage any pressure points you are facing.


We have a whole suite of services to support the retail sector

TieTa is founded on years of experience and excellence

UK agents are typically more in tune and empathetic with your UK customers, giving them confidence their calls are handled diligently with customer satisfaction.

100% UK
Contact centre based in
Banbury, Oxfordshire

Our proven track record and performance has been recognised by industry leaders for excellence and best practices.

Award winning
Winner of
Best Contact Centre Team

Whether you require a bureau-based (shared pool) resources or a dedicated team to support your operation, we can taylor the right campaign size based on your current and future needs.

Scale up or down
according to demands

The team has knowledge and experience in managing more than 300,000 customers with their loans, from loan application and ongoing loan maintenance through to repayment and collections, including vulnerability and quality monitoring.

Expert knowledge
UK financial services
regulated experience