Health Services

Our team of agents provide contacts for your customers, handling appointments and queries leaving your skilled medical teams focused on healthcare.
100% UK
Contact centre based in Banbury, Oxfordshire
Award winning
Winner of Best Contact Centre Team
Scale up or down according to demands
Expert knowledge
UK financial services regulated experience

Health Services

With an ever-increasing and longterm pressure on UK Health Services, TieTa are able to support clinics, surgeries, health providers and suppliers in increased call volumes, enquires, appointment setting and more.

Through our seamless add on wesupport our clients current teams in peak call times, out of hours services and appointment setting. Our technology systems allow us to connect with no disruption to your service whilst adhering to all GDPR regulations.

Our experience in regulated sectors allow us to confidently deal with customers in a respectful and informative manner resulting in confidence from your customers in your service.

Our Full Solution service also allows TieTa to be a complete solution to all or part of your business, which is an ever-increasing need from our clients as they evolve to changing public demands and Government guidelines for unknown time frames.

We are always happy to discuss how our other solutions may fit with your business and can work with you to help manage any pressure points you are facing.