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Vivo Analytics was created to make speech analytics easy to use, cost effective and to overcome the issues that have limited the success of speech analytics solutions in the past.

Partnering with

Vivo Analytics

TieTa is excited to be partnering with Vivo Analytics to bring about synergies of TieTa's customer services operation and Vivo's speech and text analytics platform. TieTa’s key strengths include expertise in:

  • ‣ Omni-channel customer service, telesales and appointment scheduling
  • ‣ Debt recovery & arrears management
  • ‣ Vulnerable customer support
  • ‣ Scalable, dedicated team and shared desk outsourcing solutions

Vivo uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse speech and text interactions taking place with customers. This will allow TieTa to drive significantly better outcomes for its customers by, for example:

  • ‣ Automatically checking for compliance – reducing the scope for errors.
  • ‣ Scoring agents to help improve performance and consistency.
  • ‣ Identifying best sales practises.
  • ‣ Improving the customer journey.

TieTa's COO, Tom Horne said:

Our partnership with Vivo will allow us to deploy speech analytics to help improve the service we deliver to our customers by providing quick, accurate in-depth analysis of customer interactions. We will be better able to check for compliance, ensure the best customer journey and improve sales performance, whilst controlling costs.

Vivo Analytics' Managing Director, Andy Andreou said:

We are excited to partner with TieTa. The option to offer our customers & prospective customers a complete solution that will add the option of outsourced call centre skills underpinned by our speech analytics service, will combine the best of TieTa’s expertise and experience, with our technology platform to drive significantly better customer outcomes.  
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