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Connected Data is a debt prevention solution that blends a wide range of data solutions to elevate your debt insight through business intelligence, analytics and AI.

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Connected Data

TieTa is excited to be partnering with Connected Data, a data-and-AI-driven company with strengths and expertise in debt prevention through business intelligence and analytics. TieTa's new approach is to be able to offer clients access to Connected Data and to improve our aim to enhance and enrich data getting the most accurate and up-to-date view of the customer's credit risk profile and contact information. This in turn enables TieTa to deploy effective contact and collections strategies to maximise a client's debt recovery. In essence, it augments what Debt Collection Agencies (DCA) do when they are handed over debt where they  attempt to understand more about a customer with their credit profile and contact information through use of credit bureaus. This pre-DCA activity gives the TieTa's clients the best chance of early stage recovery without making commercial losses when transferring debt to DCAs.

Kirk Fletcher, Director, Connected Data Company:

‘Connected Data deliver debt prevention solutions, achieved through a blend of the latest technology and widest range of insight data. Through our partnership with TieTa these debt prevention solutions can be operationalised and deployed to deliver highly impactful results, results that prevent & reduce debt. We are delighted to be partnering with the TieTa team and their growing customer base’.
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We share a clear and collective belief that debt can be prevented, and reduced, through more effectively data enabling your debt management process.

Our experience with 100's of late stage debt portfolios is that between 20% and 40% of the debt could have benefited from a data enabled intervention.

Debt is an ever evolving challenge

Debt is a highly complex, multi faceted challenge for any business, constantly changing and evolving, often as a result of upstream or external events over which an internal debt team have little control.

Super charge your debt process

We 'super charge' your debt team, providing greater insight & informed decisioning. The Connected Data service is hosted in a secure Amazon Web Services Private Cloud, providing you with a highly segregated and resilient data environment that has minimal impact on your internal resources.

Prevent Debt

We utilise debt focused data & analytics to drive preventive actions, interventions and strategies that impact debt across your business. Provided as a Service it gives you the very best in debt focused data & analytics.

Reduce Debt

Our data enabled preventive actions and interventions can occur at different points in the customer management process. This holistic data view enables targeted action and interventions resulting in debt reduction.

Retain Customers

Data enabling your debt process and supporting early identification of vulnerable and financially stressed customers can deliver more effective resolution actions. Retaining, rather than losing, customers.

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