Tieta Full Outsource

Outsource your customer services

TieTa's outsourced call centre answers your business's incoming calls. We have specialist teams that are ready to be trained and deployed to work on your calls (inbound or outbound) and answer any email enquiries.

We are here to cover your busier spells as well as your regular daily volumes and plan and forecast resource according to your customer demand and budget.

TieTa offers a premium quality service, with friendly, UK-based call centre agents. You can be confident that your customers will get the best level of care. We work with you to define the right call scripts and business processes to reach that all-important right customer outcome each time.

We are always there for your customers

Using TieTa will allow your operations staff to focus on their core functions, whilst we are there for your customers supporting them in a manner you would expect, as if we are an extension to your operation.