We've collated some frequently asked questions to help you understand more about what TieTa and our solutions

Where are you based?

Our teams work from home or in the office. Our office is based in the town centre of Banbury in Oxfordshire, we are fully operational remotely as well.

What is your backup plan if your site goes down?

Our contact centre is fully operational from home or from the office. Should we need to, we can have all our staff back to their home office and online within an hour of a DR situation. We always have members of our team working from home on your campaign so should the worst happen, your customers won’t notice.

Can we visit the call centre?

Yes of course, we can always have staff that work on your campaign in the office you can speak to on the days that you visit. We would welcome you to come and spend regular days working from our offices with the staff that work on your campaign.

Can we monitor your work?

Absolutely, this gives you comfort that we are working within your processes and procedures and servicing your customers in the way you want us too. We would encourage you to complete your own monitoring and we would monitor our staff regularly and share the results with you.

How does training work?

Our training and quality team look after all the onboarding for our clients. We complete ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions with all new clients to make sure we have a strong understanding of the business. This allows us to create training materials to work alongside our existing training. New members of the team are brought into our onboarding classroom sessions to give them an understanding of the company and processes they will be working on behalf of. Agents are taken through a series of roleplays to get them equipped to speak with your customers. After training, agents join our graduation bank where they receive additional support from our training and quality team before we are comfortable that they are ready to go solo and ‘Graduate’.

We are also equipped for clients to complete onboarding training if they would prefer. We are completely adaptable to your requirements.

What steps do you take to ensure you are compliant?

We have team members that have worked across numerous sectors and industries and are used to working within highly regulated environments. Our staff have worked on operational projects to gain FCA authority and have set up and supported large scale call centres through this process.  

Our Quality Monitoring staff don’t only check if you customers are being treated well, but also in line with your industries compliance needs and any breach is dealt with swiftly though retraining.

How do you connect to our systems?

We can use either a secure, site to site VPN tunnel or a user to site connection using smart VPN encryption software. Our solution is totally adaptable to each client’s requirements.

We have our own systems; do we have to move over to yours?

No, each client is different and has different needs. We can explore the option of using our preferred third-party supplier which we have a wealth of experience with or we can use your own system.

We don’t want to remove our Operation but we need some additional support, what can you offer?

We will work alongside you as an extension of your office. Or we can work as an extra team of people on behalf of your customers. For example you may want to outsource just your vulnerable customer contact, your team can transfer these customers through to handle on your behalf.  

Are you interested in taking part in a ‘Champion Challenger’?

We would welcome the opportunity to take part in a champion challenge. This is a great way for us to showcase our skills and show why we should be your number one choice as an outsource partner.