Improving quality monitoring for our HCSTC client

Quality monitoring improvements boosted our client's customer contact quality score
The Challenge

Our client were faced with an issue regarding their internal quality monitoring function. With insufficient monitoring and inefficiency with the team, it opened the client up to potential regulatory problems. The Quality Monitoring team were only scoring 0.5% of all customer interactions and needed this increased, as well as only achieving an average quality score of 88% through a low number of tasks scored.

How we helped

We created more streamlined scorecards allowing for a much quicker scoring and feedback time while not losing the regulatory or quality requirements. Through calibration sessions with our client, we created and approved an easy scoring guideline for our Quality Monitoring Specialists to use. Feedback through our automated systems also created more efficiency within the teams resulting in higher output from their teams. We had also introduced a risk based marking approach to ensure that their compliance areas were covered effectively.

The Result

These initiatives allowed our TieTa team to improve call marking volumes to 10% of all contacts monitored and we were able to support our client to achieve an average quality score of 96%.

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