Our client's surge in customer complaints

Supporting our client's sudden surge in regulatory complaints
The Challenge

In January 2020 our client, a High Cost Short Term Credit lender, received a high volume of complaints (c. 1,400 complaints in two weeks) due to negative TV coverage of the High Cost Short Term lending industry. There was a requirement to manage the additional work whilst ensuring no breaches of any regulatory and company SLAs across the entire complaints customer journey.

How we helped

Having years of experience in the regulated complaints sector, TieTa knows that complaint volumes can and will be volatile at times for various reasons which is why at the start of our journey with the client we set two goals for building the complaints team.

Firstly, we ensured that every member of the team had the right training to be able to manage a complaint from logging through to Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) outcome, this was tracked via our skills matrix with refresher days scheduled in monthly to keep people’s skills relevant. This enabled resources to be reallocated to logging the additional cases, after the initial spike directly following the TV coverage had been logged all within 5 working days part of the additional resource was switched back to Final Response stage to assist with managing the Work in Progress (WIP) pipeline. One additional resource was maintained with the logging team to manage the higher inbound volume.

Secondly, as one of our project goals we knew we needed to build headroom for volume fluctuations. We achieved this by utilising our preferred suppliers Complaint Management System and creating relevant reporting which allowed us to manage the client's WIP from an average response time of 38 days to 18 days and by having a flexible multi-skilled team we had been able to maintain this position.

The two above conscious decisions based on our knowledge and experienced allowed our client to manage the volume fluctuation with little to no disruption to the business as usual running of the Complaints Department and led to no internal or regulatory SLA breaches.

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