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Our head of UK contact centre talking about working remotely at a call centre
Tara Usman
Head of UK Contact Centre
Thursday, September 2, 2021

Working remotely

Anticipating the potential lockdown in early March, Tieta successfully & quickly shifted to working from home ahead of many other businesses and customer contact teams and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing. 

Some may question if productivity suffers due to home working, especially for those new to it or question the number of distractions available to remote employees which could far exceed those in a traditional office setting.

Productive remote working takes a huge amount of self-discipline and self-motivation. Employees in an office environment benefit from being surrounded by colleagues and managers who can maintain a motivated team and keep everyone on track. To do that remotely needs extra skills and consideration, for instance there are several practices I have implemented with my team working from home to keep performance high and maintain that regular contact you get from being in the office.  

Firstly, I have ensured all staff have the tools to work remotely and are supported if they have any technical issues. One vital point is to ensure all staff have a “work area” at home so that they can separate work and home. It’s important that we are thinking about the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff wherever they work, it doesn’t for instance begin and end in the office. We encourage the teams to share ideas on how to achieve the best work area and we’ve seen some great examples.  

It’s important that structured and unstructured connections with colleagues happen whilst working remotely. We have communication platforms such as Slack and Teams which all staff use to communicate throughout the day. My team look forward to our regular check-ins and catch ups, it’s important to me that no one feels disconnected and as a result, disinterested. We have also implemented group video meetings, so that all employees get to see each other, are kept up to date and feel part of a team wherever they are.  

Above all, it really is important to trust your employees. Knowing that your staff enjoy the work they do will mean that they take care and pride in their duties and that they will therefore perform at their best. Trust is always built on the foundations of your behaviour, communication skills and your management style. I find it is important to get to know my team members as individuals. When you take the time out to try and get to know your staff it really does help to build trust.  

As a leader, one great way to track the productivity of both remote and office-based employees is with a work management platform. This is something I use throughout the day to monitor performance and identify any productivity challenges, I’m able to connect quickly and respond efficiently, keeping our clients fully updated.

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