Full end-to-end servicing or bolt-on services - TieTa has you covered

TieTa highlights the operational benefits for businesses outsourcing their customer contact call centre
Charlotte Turner
Head of Client Delivery‍
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Outsourcing can be a fully serviced end-to-end solution or a vital bolt-on to your business's existing operation. TieTa can give your business virtual agents that to complement its operational set up.

One of the key reasons why businesses usually outsource is for better cost control, as outsourcing can often be cheaper than hiring employees and reduces the commitment to fixed operational costs.

Operational expertise - we are experts in what we do and will be able to give you advice and share learnings with you from other clients we have worked on. Overcoming seasonal or unexpected spikes in customer contact volumes is critical in maintaining your operational service levels. We can easily add additional agents to support your campaign; whenever you need it and typically at short notice. We have additional staff available, on standby, to be trained on your campaign and flexible to meet your future changing needs.  

Fully outsource or bolt-on - not only can we do the full end-to-end servicing of your customer base, but we can also supplement your existing team.

The following benefits are sometimes overlooked or not given proper thought when thinking about using an outsourcer as an extension of your team:

Focus on core functions - small and large businesses can benefit from using TieTa’s services. You can keep your in-house staff to work on critical business goals. Freeing up internal resources that are managing people or processes, we can do that for you, giving you time to focus your core team's efforts where it is needed most.  

Ad hoc campaigns - pass these one-time jobs to us and we will support you with setting up campaigns and work through them under your direction. Tell us what needs to happen and allow us to do what we do best.  

Risk management - we can quickly and easily add additional staff into to your campaign and this can support your disaster recovery and business continuity plan as situations arise. We work in partnership with you to support you in minimising the risks in your business. Businesses can often be stranded with internal resource constraints. When outsourcing, you can also gain access to resources or skills that aren't readily available in your organisation.  

Lower infrastructure investment - think of the spare cash that you won’t need to spend on office set up, office space or office equipment when adding additional agents to your operation.

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