TieTa’s 12-week Quality Assurance Programme

8 steps to quality-assurance greatness
Tom Horne
Chief Operating Officer
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

With the Covid roller-coaster ongoing, all Contact Centres in one way or another have had to adapt processes and teams to ensure they are still able to meet their customer contact demand.

This could be adapting to 100% home working, reduced office numbers, cross training staff across different channels, tweaking processes or adding new security processes to current tasks. Whilst doing these workarounds or embedding new go forward structures, maintaining a high level of service not only keeps you on track to achieve your customer satisfaction and customer retention targets it also ensures vital business metrics including revenue and collections are achievable.

At TieTa we offer clients a 12-week quality assurance programme that follows 8 fundamental steps to ensure your teams and processes are still delivering the desired outstanding service:

TieTa’s 8 steps to Quality Assurance Greatness

  • 1. Evaluate current performance metrics
  • 2. Appraise existing techniques and process
  • 3. Define project goals and targets with you
  • 4. Build monitoring solutions and process
  • 5. Monitor and evaluate your agents
  • 6. Feedback and coach
  • 7. Report on new performance metrics
  • 8. Embed a go-forward approach

These steps are defined and agreed with you at project kick-off. We have monitoring tech and pre-existing scorecards already in place, we can use your existing solutions, or a hybrid of both these approaches, whichever you prefer.

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