The Power of Analytics in Contact Centres and Beyond

“Analytics is the foundation for strategy and strategy is parallel to analytics. Decisions are best made from data.”
William Elder
Head of Business Intelligence
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Every point of contact with a customer can affect numerous components of a company; the customer experience, the brand recognition and, in turn, the income generated. A strong level of analytics can ensure the customer is getting everything they want or need, along with high satisfaction, reduced company costs and increased revenue.  

At TieTa, we have several measures for proficient customer experience through KPIs and other metrics alongside maintaining high employee satisfaction. TieTa frequently assesses and refines customer contact processes and procedures to stay ahead in the customer contact market to deliver the finest customer service. Analytics offers the insight to maintain this high quality contact centre standard.  

Within a contact centre there are several elements of analytics that companies benefit from:  

What can be offered from Speech Analytics?  

Streamlining processes and certifying that agents are delivering each call effectively but also efficiently to the customer. Speech Analytics also safeguards compliance and risk issues whilst additionally making sure service levels are maintained.    

How to benefit from Text Analytics?

In the modern day of social media, text analysis is a crucial part in communication analytics. When text contact is analysed; emails, reviews and complaints can be categorised and quickly directed towards the correct agents and teams. Furthermore, Text Analytics highlights root causes (of issues and satisfaction), signals flags for emerging trends and hastens materialisation of customers’ opinions.  

Performance Analysis applies to all companies no matter what the size

Analytics is used to forecast call volumes, handling times, service levels and customer experience. This ensures efficient and effective scheduling within operations alongside checking that performance is being maintained. Another essential element is ensuring outbound contact is connecting to the right people at the right time. Using historic data to group customers and call them at different times and days results in a more successful connection rate and better tailored customer contact strategy.  

What about analytics in other areas that influence the contact centre?

Starting with Credit Risk analysis looking at affordability and probability of customer defaults will certify the best product to be available to all different clients. Making sure customers are offered the correct products lays the foundation for a perfect customer journey experience. Credit Risk works in line with Marketing, where analysis is used to maximise the contact strategy, ideal customer locations and product demographics to get the right products to the right customers at the right time. Once customers take-up the product the processes then lie within the Operations and the Contact Centre Analytics begins.

This range of Contact Centre Analytics follow the customer journey to confirm the best customer experience whilst offering the company tiers of deserved returns.  

William Elder

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