Meet The TieTa Twins!

An Insight into TieTa and our people
Alice and Grace Bushrod
Customer Service Agents
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

On todays series of "Meet The Team". We interviewed our very own identical twins to give our readers a double take on TieTa!

1) What is it like to work for TieTa?  

Working for TieTa is rewarding. As well as the many benefits of working here, the managers and colleagues get along so well and our teams are so supportive to each other, whether its mental health, hitting targets or just laughing with each other. I feel as if we are not just colleagues, but friends. It is a lovely place to work with the option to work in our office space, or work from home instead which many other work places cannot offer.

2) What is it like to work with your twin sister?

It's great as we can give each other constructive criticism on any calls or tasks completed, as well as supporting each other with any problems we may face working day to day. As we are on different teams, we can also work against each other with any targets to hit, which can be really fun and rewarding.

3) What skills did you bring to TieTa

Being a twin, I believe we bring similar skills to TieTa. As well as hitting KPI's, we are both active listeners. It's important to really listen to the customer's query and any problems they are facing, to successfully help them feel at ease. Being empathetic is also advantageous. As many customers may be experiencing financial difficulty, it's important to listen, and more importantly, understand what they are saying, as many customers may be nervous if they are calling to discuss personal issues for the first time.

4) How do you meet and exceed your targeted KPIs?

I think the most important part of meeting and exceeding KPI's is to take any advice on board from Team Leaders, managers or the QM team, and using this to consistently improve quality and task rates. It's also important to have a positive attitude towards work and take any constructive criticism positively.

5) How does TieTa support employees surrounding their mental health and wellbeing?  

TieTa are amazing with understanding, empathising and supporting us with general wellbeing and mental health. We have had sessions on how to deal with any anxiety or stress whilst in lockdown, which were really helpful. We also have regular team meetings, where our Team Leaders encourage us to talk about mental health, and ask us how we are all doing. I think TieTa's approach to wellbeing and mental health is amazing, and other companies should follow in their footsteps to support all colleagues; as it's important to be mentally well to hit monthly targets too.

6) What are your hobbies and interests?  

We both love travelling, and experiencing different cultures, food and attitudes. We also love music, going to gigs and music festivals. It's a great way to relax in the evenings after work.

7) Do your colleagues mistake you for your sister?

All of our colleagues mistake us for each other! It gives everyone a good laugh when we're in the office. Some colleagues can tell the difference between us and have done since starting to work for TieTa, whereas others think we look identical and will never be able to tell us apart. While working from home, we had team meetings where our colleagues couldn't tell us apart as both our voices sound identical, so it's not only our identical looks which confused our colleagues.

Thank you Alice and Grace...... We've done it again. Sorry!

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