Meet Our Operations Team Leader, Sophie Varney

An insight into TieTa and our people
Sophie Varney
Operations Team Leader
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We interviewed Sophie Varney, an invaluable member of our award-winning team to give our readers an insight into TieTa and our people.

What’s your role at TieTa?   

My role at TieTa is an Operations Team Leader for the Contact Centre. I manage a team of Customer Service Representatives that are phone and email based. My job is to support and coach my team to deliver exceptional customer service and assisting their individual progression.

How long have you been working in this industry? 

I have spent 9 years working in the industry and 6 years prior to this working in a Building Society, where I also gained a lot of the skills I have now.  

What is your favourite part of working at TieTa? 

My favourite part of working at TieTa is the people. I am incredibly blessed to work with some extremely talented people that contribute a wealth of experience and support to the business, which make it a great place to work.

How did you find the transition from working at the office to working from home?

There was a very smooth transition from office working to home working. I was provided with all the support I needed from a technical and management point of view to the wellbeing of staff at a difficult time. My team were brilliant and ensured they didn’t let their efficiencies drop below what was expected for the current climate and supported each other tremendously. One of the activities we decided to do on a Saturday evening out of hours was a team Zoom yoga class. This was great as the team could connect with each other outside of work in lockdown which helped to keep spirits high and the team engaged.

As TieTa’s clients tend to operate in highly regulated industries. Tell us how this affects your day to day customer interactions. 

At TieTa you need to be flexible and multi-skilled to understand not only the Client needs but the regulations within the different areas of business. Having experience in managing a Contact Centre, Finance and Outsourcing helps me to work towards our clients KPI’s and manage their customer base to the required standard.  

Tell us about a project you have worked on recently?

For one client we have recently just finished a large project of on-shoring their Contact Centre from Europe back to our Banbury office, at the same time also completing a system migration onto a new CRM. The team and I had to quickly adapt to ensure our KPI’s weren’t dropped and customers still received a fantastic experience at every touch point.  Although challenging, the team and I have thrived off this to make the transition a success. By doing so, I have naturally identified areas for improvement within the contact centre and how to maintain what TieTa already do so well.  

 How did you learn the skills you use on a daily basis? 

A lot of the skills I have gained through my previous roles over the years. I started at agent level in February of 2011 for MEM Consumer Finance and by working in various departments and roles for the company, I learned to become versatile and gain transferable skills. I’ve been very lucky to work with inspirational leaders along the way that given me the guidance and support to enable me to do my job right.  

Obviously, a lot of your time is spent behind a screen and on the phone. What do you do to keep active?  

I try to swim a few times a week and make sure I spend time in the evenings going on a long walk. I think it’s important for physical and mental health to spend time outdoors when you spend so much of your day at a computer and sat down. A long walk does wonders for me.  

Thanks for sharing with us!  We look forward to “seeing” you at yoga.

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