Meet Our Customer Care Specialist, Vicki Matthews

An insight into the TieTa and our people
Vicki Matthews
Customer Care Specialist
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

An invaluable and hardworking member of the TieTa team. Meet Vicki Matthews!

1. What is it like to work for TieTa?  

Working for TieTa is fantastic! I have been with the company for nearly a year. I like it how inclusive TieTa is as a company; no matter what your job role is, everyone is approachable and willing to help. Everyone’s role is important and contributes towards TieTa’s success.  

2. What is your role as a Customer Care Specialist?  

My main role as a Customer Care Specialist, is surrounding insolvencies and credit files for one of our clients. I act as a point of contact for companies acting on the customer’s behalf such as; Insolvencies Practitioners and Credit Reference Agencies. It is important part of my role, that information surrounding customers is reported accurately.  

3. What kind of progression opportunities are there within TieTa?  

There are many chances to progress! When I joined TieTa, I worked as a Customer Service Representative, speaking to customers. I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to progress into the Customer Care Team. I also travelled to Estonia to complete some of my training. Team Leaders are eager for their colleagues to do well and progress, so will put agents on progression plans.  

4. What kind of activities do you do with your colleagues at TieTa?

We have had many fun days, especially around Halloween and Christmas time. I enjoyed competing with other teams in the pumpkin carving competition. Also to help connect with our colleagues during lockdown, we completed yoga sessions on Zoom and had mental health sessions with third party companies.  

5. Your nickname within TieTa is ‘Disney’, how did you get that name?  

I have been a huge fan of Disney. My favourite characters are Stitch and Eeyore. My team leaders soon noticed my love of all things Disney and the nickname has stuck ever since.  

6. What are your hobbies outside of work?  

I am an avid traveller and I love sewing. Throughout lockdown I made scrub bags for NHS workers and fabric masks for my loved ones. My next big sewing project is a summer dress for my best friend. I believe it is important to find activities outside of work that you enjoy, as it helps with your general mental health and wellbeing.  

7. When it is safe to do so, where will you be travelling to next?  

My next planned trip is to the Maldives. I am planning to spend time relaxing on the beach and to swim with sea turtles. Life is short and the world is wide!  

Thank you Vicki!

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