Compliance customer focus and how this benefits customers

Creating a better customer experience through strict compliance quality monitoring procedures
Steph Clifton
Quality & Training Specialist
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Compliance within contact centres is a difficult topic to discuss and could potentially be considered, by those not in the know, as fairly dull! Despite this it is also one of the most important factors within any business, to ensure not only that the business is fulfilling their regulatory or legal obligations, but also their inherent obligation to care for each and every customer.

Any failing in compliance could have a severely negative impact on the life of our clients, within and beyond our business relationship, so it is the focal point for all monitoring and training we complete. By having a strict monitoring procedure and clearly outlined expectations of our agents we can keep our focus on our customers, creating and maintaining stronger customer relationships.

For us, on the front line of compliance monitoring, we monitor a number of regulatory areas; did we follow GDPR, was our customer treated fairly, did we show forbearance or acknowledge a vulnerability, to name a few. These are questions that could find any company in hot water or staring down the barrel of enforcement action if there is enough evidence of failure. It only takes a quick google search to find countless companies who have fallen into the compliance failure trap, but outside of the hefty fines and formal proceeding's how does a failure in compliance affect our clients and their lives?

It's well known that in 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, this was a giant step in the right direction for customers, and companies across Europe had to follow the correct steps. Consumers became more aware of their data, how it was used and shared, for us it is the first question we address with all quality monitoring, it is also the first topic covered in training we undertake with our new starters. Data breaches could affect customer's lives in many ways, from their data being used for fraudulent activity, financial loss or their number getting into the hands of unwanted parties. This all leads to the customer changing their information, and we all know how irritating that can be, something as simple as getting a new mobile number can be a bit of a nightmare! By following GDPR and explaining this process to customers we are building trust with customers, providing transparency, and making it easier for them to protect their information.

On one of our Financial Services campaigns, our Contact Centre Agents speak with vulnerable customers and those struggling with financial difficulties on a daily basis. With an FCA focus on vulnerability and how to treat vulnerable customers in their 2020/21 business plan, as well as a rise in mental health awareness in general and its acceptance into society it is important for us to be on track, if not ahead of ever-changing protocols. From a compliance standpoint following regulations is important but even more so, its ensuring customers aren’t feeling extra burden from activities undertaken by a company. Our compliance monitoring, when it comes to vulnerable customers, has both objective rules to follow with regulations in mind, but also subjective guidelines, a customer may not see themselves as vulnerable, so we take extra care with training our agents to ensure that not only they are compliant with regulation but also the guidelines we set out to protect and support the customer above and beyond the expectations of regulation.    

Ultimately, at the heart of every business is their client base and by acknowledging that compliance is more than ticking a box, we can unearth the ethical complications within compliance and can start to create a better customer experience.

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