Benefits of UK on-shore outsourcing

What are the benefits of outsourcing to TieTa?
William Elder
Head of Business Intelligence
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Time and Money

The primary benefit of outsourcing is saving time and money by being cost-efficient and reduce expenditure – saving parts of your budget. By outsourcing to TieTa you’ll get access to teams of UK award winning Customer Contact staff, with customer interaction at the highest quality calls and emails. Giving your customers our range of services, while you don’t deal with turnover or infrastructure costs, helps resolve issues faster.  


What TieTa offers is a team of highly qualified, UK award winning Customer Service, Customer Experience, Complaints and Business Intelligence staff. When your company is growing, outsourcing to TieTa will effectively help sustain and project your expansion.  

Technology Access

Outsourcing means you don’t need to overspend in infrastructure. Having access to the technology used at TieTa and the teams of fully trained staff enables rapid action to deliver bespoke customer and client solutions.

Risk and Flexibility

TieTa reduces operational risks such as maintaining the workforce instead of employee turnover and the ability to swiftly add employees for clients’ temporary requirements.  

As Deloitte highlight in their annual survey 2020, cost is the key objective for outsourcing. Get in touch with TieTa to find out how we can work together - - the website also provides details of our current successes, profiles of our team leaders and more details of what we offer.  

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