Being a new starter at TieTa

Katy's experience of starting work at TieTa during the COVID-19 pandemic
Katy Chapman
Contact Centre Agent
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

With COVID-19 throwing a huge spanner in the works, I was so nervous to start working at TieTa because everything else was so uncertain in the world, but I was worried for nothing and I love working here!

My first few days were spent in ‘the classroom’ but that definitely wasn’t as boring and school like as it sounds! I met the team I’d be working alongside and took part in fun quizzes and ‘get to know you’ scenarios! Learning the basics of the system was really hands on and got you interacting with others, ready for your training on the floor.

Unlike some jobs, I wasn’t just thrown in at the deep end and instead was buddied with Savannah, who made me feel so welcomed and comfortable with the system and how to approach our customers.

This field of work is completely new to me but with Savannah holding my hand (quite literally on my first phone call!) and the support of everyone else around, I never felt alone or afraid to ask questions! Instead, I felt comfortable and ready for a new challenge! I suffer with anxiety and lack of self-esteem but the support of my colleagues and especially my team leader, Sophie, is incredible and TieTa really guides you to do great things and it’s really helped to grow my confidence in such a short space of time.

I quickly passed training and entered a graduation bank before passing that and entering the floor as a fully-fledged member of my team! I’m now even able to work from home, with a full set up. I’ve never been able to do that for a company before and it gives such flexibility on days where coming into the office just doesn’t work out (especially with the great unknown that is 2020!)

I don’t feel lost at home because everyone remains as hands on and helpful as if you’re in the office. Video, voice or screen sharing calls comes in handy for that!

Having a KPI system really makes you push to work harder and it’s fun to compete with others to do the best in quality and work volume.

There’s already so many opportunities coming up and the business is thriving! I can’t wait to grow with it.

I’ve been here for just 3 months and already feel like I’ve made some lifelong friends.

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